Moscow & St. Petersburg: Hive Check 2

Life at our house is busy, just like most homes with children and parents with full-time jobs!

John, my husband, & I have found that Sundays are usually the best days for us to check our hives. The reasons:

1.) This is the only complete day we have off together (insert sad face here).

2.) We can rely on our wonderful family to watch the kidos for a couple of hours. I despise having to rush our checks (rushing makes me grumpy–just ask my husband). I love to take my time to admire, inspect & do some general housekeeping on the hives. Knowing my adventurous son is inside (he’s going to be our little beekeeper) & my daughter is entertained, really allows for us to take our time–not having to worry about interruptions.

Sunday’s hive check was awesome! John & I found Her Majesty of the Moscow hive, & we had our first mini-harvest of honey…spectacular taste, mind you.


My dad said “It’s the best tasting honey he’s had in years.” For those that don’t know my dad, he’s not a man of many words–so you can hold stock in what he says.

Both colonies are growing-we added brood frames to brood box two, a queen excluder & honey super to St. Petersburg. For the Moscow hive, we added an excluder & honey super.


We need to invest in additional brood boxes & honey supers…these busy bees are growing their colonies & producing some sweet honey!! We LOVE our new hobby!!

John showing his excitement after opening St. Petersburg.

I continue to be in complete awe of these amazing creatures.