I admit it. Last week we didn’t get to open up our hives. Believe me, my husband & I were disappointed. I have caught myself looking out at my hives wondering what the colonies are up to (my husband calls me the “crazy bee lady”). In between softball & all of the rain we’ve had lately, it was hard to find a day both John and I were off together to hive check.  It’s a fun hobby for us to share; so I wouldn’t dare open them without him (although the suspense has had me considering it).

We did get around to installing ratchet straps to both hives. Some keepers are anti-straps, others are not. I was tired of waking up in the middle of the night, during a thunderstorm concerned my hives were knocked over–ratchet straps make me more comfortable.

Rest assured John and I are eager for our Sunday check. Remember we added some frames to both hives, and supers to both. I worry about my hives, as if they’re my kids…only we’re talking 34,000, at this point, of these precious creatures.

Sister & I on our way to a softball game.

Meanwhile during practices & games, I’ve been accumulating a few bee gifts. I love it! My mother found me some bee-serving trays; my brother-in-law stumbled upon a bee hat and sent it to me via mail; my Mother’s Day gift was a personalize tumbler with bees & my name–Keep bringing me the bee gifts. I’m now a bee-thing collector.