And So It BEEgins…

So how did I end up here? The beek* lady.

*Beek is a combination of Bee and Geek…A title I’m quite proud of!

It all started with a passion, a sincere interest in the honeybee. I was mystified by the complexity of honeybee colony (their mini-society), and its impact on our ecosystem. These intelligent insects keep mankind well fed, yet they’re ignored.

My husband and I recently purchased a part of my late grandparents homestead, a beautifully historic home and five acres. I have always had a passion for nature and the outdoors, the flora and the fauna, and in the last several years I’ve dreamed of becoming a beekeeper myself.

…one day while self-loathing, it dawned on me; my dream hobby didn’t have to be a dream. In fact, this internal epiphany was a dramatic Scarlet O’Hara moment: “I can do this. I may have to save and it may take time, but YOU can do this. You have this land. Use it for something good; heck, you’re always up for a challenge. If you were to die tomorrow wouldn’t you be proud to be known as the crazy beek?”

From this epic self-motivating moment, I registered for my first beekeeping course, attended an amazing all-day workshop and left with a receipt for two boxes of Russian bees, a head chalk-full of information, excitement and determination.

That’s how it began. A dream and a leap of faith.


Flora & Fauna


Ansel & I were on our evening nature walk we found some of our bees doing their thing.
I love seeing the Russians forage around our property-using natural resources rather than the sugar water; It’s so much more flora & fauna.